Is SMS part of you distribution toolkit?

Has anyone used SMS to promote a webinar? If so, how are they implemented, and what are your successes (and pitfalls)?

No. Not yet. In fact, no marketing through SMS from our company yet.

We have SMS but do not promote webinars. How would people be able to signup/register easily from the SMS message?

Haven't tried it, but would be curious to hear from those who have!

We don't use SMS to promote our webinars. Would love to hear how other companies might be doing this!

No, we don't use SMS in any marketing currently. Curious to see if any have success with it!

I do not use SMS roght now it's too invasive and can be seen as privacy intrusion too

Not yet. Interested in how to do this now that we are regulated by gdpr

I haven't used this nor have I ever received a webinar invite to my mobile, I agree with Scott and his GDPR comment, this could have a huge impact on how easy this would be.

Yes we use SMS all the time to help increase registration to attendance conversion

This is a really interesting notion, would like to hear more

We just now have the ability to SMS text our members, but more for notifications on certain topics. But don't currently use for webinars - id love to hear some success stories on that! We just connected our ON24 to SFDC so looking forward to seeing this all come together.

We do not. I love the idea, but we're a law firm and there are strict rules for legal advertising. I'm not sure how this how this would play out under those rules, so we stay away. Better to be safe than sorry!

You have SalesForce integrated with On24?! My organization has been having trouble linking the two systems. Are you using a 3rd party app for this?

We do not use SMS to promote webinars or any of our events. We have even scaled back on the amount of emails we send out as we have found this to not be an effective marketing channel either. What we have found to work are: paid advertisements on specific sites (predominately LinkedIn), and retargeting ads based off of previous searches.

We don't currently but I have previously used it. Our list wasn't really good because some people enter their cell number in a field other than cell so we were getting a lot of land lines.

No however I am interested in results from those who have!

This would be interesting to hear about. I'm not sure my company does SMS marketing at all.

We do not, but the replies below have some good ideas. Definitely something to expore!

We don't use SMS for our promotions and have been trying to cut back on our total messaging as to not wear our users out. I see SMS as a much more personal thing and promoting webinars with it would be really difficult for me to justify.